Photography isn’t just what I do.

It’s how I view the world.

Photography took root in my soul decades ago, back when images only emerged in a darkroom. Though I studied ceramics at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I truly fell in love with photography while living in Italy (rough, I know).

Using my lens as a frame, I see things others don’t. The varying qualities of light. The moods in every environment. The science hiding within each gorgeous image.

But more than that, I understand the power of photography to document joy, passion, love. The very real magic of being able to feel the emotion of a still image.

That’s what drew me to wedding photography in the first place. I’ve lived around the world and worked in every corner of the industry, from travel and documentary to commercial photography in L.A. But it’s the emotions of weddings that make my heart beat – the chance to document true connection and all the ways couples show it.

To me, being a wedding photographer is getting to share in that emotion with every new couple I meet.

That's my story.


“We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Christine was a calming presence on our day and captured every moment flawlessly. She was there for every moment and I was just amazed when I saw our photos.” 


I’m all about uncovering real emotion.

Can I be totally honest with you? Social media isn’t really my thing...

Sure, I indulge in the occasional scroll, but I prefer living in real time and creating real memories.

You know what is my thing? Always staying true to myself. Seeking out genuine connections. Focusing on what fills my cup.

And I’ve got a feeling you’re the same way.

I let my expertise as a wedding photographer speak through my work, not any follower count. Because here’s the truth: a single photo on social media can be breathtakingly gorgeous, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. I want you to be confident that I (or anyone you choose as your photographer!) can handle a variety of locations, any lighting scenario, and swiftly, professionally solve issues that may arise. I’d love to share with you the full breadth of my work. Get in touch for access to full wedding galleries.


What makes you feel good?

Good vibes a.k.a. all that hippie shit

Summer bike rides and tiny getaways...

The taste of backyard raspberries picked by my daughter,

Living in gratitude every day,

Loving my little slice of Chicago, but calling the world my home. When I feel stressed, the best thing I can do is take off my shoes and stand barefoot in the grass. The earth literally grounds me. There’s just something about feeling the earth – either tending vegetables in my garden or with my hands in the clay at the potter's wheel – that helps me feel connected and steady on this wild, wonderful earth.

My sun is in Virgo, with a Saggitarrius moon and Scorpio rising. And if you know what all that means, then you and I should definitely be friends.